24.1 CrossFit Open Hint is…a Mushroom?

Dave Castro dropped the first hint of the 2024 CrossFit Open this morning, making good on his latest Week in Review video. In that video, Castro says, “I’m just worried that it might be…too obvious. It might really tell the world what the workout is so I’m debating if I’m going to do it. Probably will this week, but not exactly sure what day.”

Well, that day was today and his “obvious” hint…a mushroom.

A red mushroom as a hint to the 24.1 CrossFit Open workout

In two hours since he shared the hint, the post has racked up over 1,250 comments. Some were trying to guess while others tried to add some comedy (and some attempted both)…

@coffeepodsnwods: You were right. This gives it away. This is the poisonous genus armanita muscaria, the rest is pretty obvious. Especially once people remember who discovered the species in the late 1780s lol
Death by burpees and row cals.

@upandadam: The mushroom is in super Mario so there’s going to be box jumps and because it’s the mushroom it’s going to get bigger overtime. I’m going with deadlifts and box jumps.

@soulsean: Somebody TRIPPIN’

@marissa_estep_: I just wish the hints were explained after the workout is released 😂 I’d really like to understand

@johnnymack77: My prediction is that this clue will make no sense and have nothing to do with the actual workout

YouTube video

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