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Thank you for supporting The Barbell Spin. We believe in offering high-quality CrossFit Games coverage without a paywall. On top of that, who doesn't like saving money? Below are some of our favorite brands and products that we think you'll enjoy.


There's a reason the top CrossFit Games athletes jump into an ice bath while competing. An ice bath reduces inflammation, muscle soreness and swelling, and it improves circulation.

But instead of proactively buying bags and bags of ice and filling up a bathtub, get the PLUNGE.

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OLIPOP is a new type of soda. Instead of unhealthy additives and hard-to-pronounce chemicals, each can is packed with nine grams of fiber, just 35 calories, and between two and five grams of sugar.

OLIPOP is formulated with a proprietary formula of plant-based prebiotics that are scientifically proven to bolster digestive health.

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Organic coffee that is free of mold and mycotoxins. Purity Coffee has up to 2x the antioxidants of other leading brands.

It's what we drink at The Barbell Spin HQ every morning! Oh, and we highly recommend EASE: Dark Roast...

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Trusted by the CrossFit Games, Rogue Fitness is the king of fitness equipment. Rogue Fitness makes all its equipment in the USA out of its massive headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

While we don't have a discount code for you, every purchase you make at Rogue after clicking the link below will help support The Barbell Spin (at no cost to you).


With a lightweight design, Ice Barrel is portable, durable and compact. Oh, and no electricity is needed. Just add water and ice!

And for our readers, you can get $125 off your purchase of the Ice Barrel. Click the link below and enter code "BARBELLSPIN" at checkout.


WHOOP is what we at The Barbell Spin have been using to track our sleep, recovery and get instant feedback on our training for the past year.

And if you do CrossFit, you know how important sleep and recovery is. Grab your WHOOP today!


From essential amino acids, clean protein powder, fish oil to colostrum, Kion has something for every CrossFitter!

Kion is offering readers of The Barbell Spin up to 20% off when you click the link below and enter code "THEBARBELLSPIN" at checkout.