We’ve seen more of CrossFit Games Director and unofficial Open dictator Dave Castro this season, for better or for worse. “TDC” has been posting his personal recap of each Open workout so far after completing it himself, and 20.4 was no different. This workout was obviously a test of strength, with multiple heavy clean and jerks, after weeks of athletes clamoring for a heavy barbell. While strength is certainly one of the ten components of fitness CrossFit touts, Castro reminded us it’s merely a component of overall fitness.

“We’re not looking for the strongest person out there, we’re looking for the fittest people who are strong and that’s why we test strength in a workout like this combined with box jumps and the pistols” Castro said. “One of the original versions of this was all pistols instead of box jumps, but in discussion with the team we decided to put some box jumps in the beginning and I’m very pleased with how that turned out.” 

As far as a 20.5 preview? No official mysterious clue has been released, but he did mention the final Open workout:

“Nothing’s going to compare to week five. Nothing. None of the other tests we’ve ever done,” Castro said.