Roman Khrennikov and His Family Move to Cookeville, Tennessee

After securing his visa earlier this year, Roman Khrennikov had been living in Madison, Wisconin, in his training leading up to this year’s CrossFit Games. And in July right before the Games, Khrennikov was reunited with his wife, Anastasiya, and his newborn son.

But the Khrennikov family has moved down to Tennessee. Last week Anastasiya shared that Tennessee would be their new home, but wasn’t quite sure exactly where they would land. This afternoon, however, she shared that they decided on Cookeville, Tennessee, home to Rich Froning.

Anastasiya’s caption is translated, “City of champions, let’s make it one more champion”.

But why Tennessee? Anastasiya said it was because of “lower taxes…that’s it.”

Tennessee is one of nine states that does not have a state income tax. Others include Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

Khrennikov’s move for tax purposes is not the first time an athlete has done so. In 2017, Mat Fraser moved to Cookeville, Tennessee. When asked why Tennessee, he replied, “Taxes, bro.”

And of course, Tia-Clair Toomey also lives in Tennessee. She and her husband, Shane, lived in Cookeville, but now live in Nashville.

With Khrennikov’s move to Cookeville, it keeps the 2nd place finisher of the 2022 CrossFit Games in the North America East Region for the 2023 season…assuming he receives an exemption to stay in the United States for the season.

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