If you’ve been to the CrossFit Games website over the weekend and seen a large Adrian Bozman giving a no-rep, you weren’t alone.The Games website has been down off and on all weekend preventing athletes from submitting their scores.

To account for this downtime, CrossFit has extended the deadline to submit scores for 17.1 to Tuesday, February 28 at 5pm PT. Affiliate validation has also been extended a day to Thursday, March 2 at 5pm PT.

With the extra time, it also means that athletes have the opportunity to give it another shot. But with 17.2 still coming up on Thursday, there’s definitely some risk-reward to be considered.

There are some pretty impressive scores on the leaderboard from household names like Sam Briggs, but the top of the leaderboard is full of athletes who we have yet to see on the big stage. It’s only week one and there are still plenty of scores to added, but the level of fitness from a huge swath of athletes appears to be unprecedented.

Stay tuned! 2017 is looking like it’s going to be an exciting year.