2016 Individual Regional Events Ranked

Now that we’ve had some time to digest the seven individual events that have been programmed, here’s our thoughts on the events from a spectator standpoint.

Do you agree or disagree? What are you looking forward to watching the most? Post in comments.

#7) Event 6

Elisabeth Akinwale at 2015 CrossFit Games
©2015 CrossFit Inc. Used with permission from CrossFit Inc.

While the Air Assault Bike and Concept 2 Rower may prove one’s fitness, it is not terribly exciting when watching from the stands or live stream. Luckily, the 1,000-meter bike and 500-meter row are short enough that the athletes will have to push the pace and not be on the equipment too long.

The burpee box jump overs are also not the most exciting movement to watch for 50 reps.

Let’s hope that there are a few close races when the athletes hit the 5 overhead squats.

#6) Event 5

Teen Competition at 2015 CrossFit Games
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Similar to the bike and row, the TrueForm Runner punishes athletes, but it’s not as exciting as watching them run across the floor. The requirement of the posterior chain and midline is going to hurt these athletes, but it may not be the most exciting event to watch.

#5) Event 4

Mat Fraser at 2015 Swiss Alpine Battle presented by Kill Cliff
©Damien Le Gallo Photographie. Used with permission from Damien Le Gallo Photographie.

The programming of Event 3 & 4 is simply awesome. A full throttle couplet followed by another burner is definitely going to test these athletes. However, how much will they have left in the tank after going all-out minutes prior to the pistols and light power cleans?

There could be a few athletes that redline and really struggle, but most athletes will methodically cruise through the pistols and it will come down to which athletes still have enough grip to go unbroken on the power cleans.

#4) Event 3

Sara Sigmundsdottir during 2016 Open
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With all athletes probably going unbroken on the 104 wall balls, who will go unbroken on the 52 pull-ups? As the athletes go rep-for-rep on the pull-ups excitement will build as they near completing the last few reps and race to the finish line.

This could be an event that features 3-4 athletes coming down from the pull-up bar at the same time with a final sprint determining the winner.

#3) Event 2

©RXd Photography. Used with permission from RXd Photography.
©RXd Photography. Used with permission from RXd Photography.

There has been a lot of criticism that the strict muscle-ups will halt these athletes in their tracks. While that may be true for some of the athletes who aren’t going to be battling for a ticket to the CrossFit Games, this event should set the stage for the contenders versus the pretenders.

As some of these athletes make quick work of the muscle-ups, it will be a showcase of how strong and well-rounded these athletes truly are. Now, who will be able to finish all ten rounds under the time cap?

#2) Event 7

Steven Fawcett at 2015 CrossFit Games

While this workout might not be the most exciting if it was on a Friday or Saturday, making it the final event elevates the intrigue of this couplet from last year’s CrossFit Invitational. With everything on the line for some of these athletes, be ready for someone to red line and fail a legless rope climb…and watch their dreams of making it to the Games come crashing down.

The reps will be fast and there won’t be any walking to the rope in a do-or-die event.

#1) Event 1

Ben Smith Snatch Ladder at the CrossFit Games
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The weights are heavy and the excitement will be high. With everyone ready to start their Regional competition, athletes will be pushing through some very heavy snatches. There will be some amazing performances and some athletes will fail that last heavy snatch losing precious points in the process.

Sure, this event is aimed at the stronger athletes, but who doesn’t love watching the strongest CrossFit athletes knock out 30 heavy snatches in six minutes?