All of the 16.2 Strategy Videos

Who doesn’t love a good squat clean ladder with a bunch of toes-to-bar and double-unders thrown in there to raise the heart rate? So to help get you through 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 minutes, here are ALL the 16.2 strategy/prep/mobility videos we can find.

And don’t forget that ROMWOD has a special program designed specifically for hitting the critical areas needed to attack 16.2.

If you know of any more, put them in the comments and we will get them added.

The Outlaw Way

MisFit Athletics

WOD Prep

CrossFit Athletic

BOBO CrossFit

Smashby Training

Chalk and Steel

Casey Castleberry

CrossFit Eastern Ridge

No Pants Side Pony

CrossFit Jaakarhu Gymnastics Strategy

Rocktape Taping Strategy

CrossFit Diamon Valley Tips & Mobility

Elevate Sport and Spine Therapy (Part 1)

Elevate Sport and Spine Therapy (Part 2)

The Movement Fix

Dave Spitz and Dusty Hyland

Preventative Practice Movement Prep

KDA CrossFit

Sports Performance Physical Therapy