All of the 16.3 Strategy Videos

Dave Castro has yet again thrown us a curveball for 16.3. Castro introduced the second new movement this CrossFit Open season with bar muscle-ups. Seven minutes of the power snatch and bar muscle-up couplet can tear you up if you don’t go into it without the proper strategy. So help you out, here are all of the 16.3 strategy/prep videos we could find.

And don’t forget that ROMWOD has a special program designed specifically for hitting the critical areas needed to attack 16.3.

If you know of any more, put them in the comments and we will get them added.

Nike Training

Misfit Athletics

The Outlaw Way

WOD Prep

CrossFit Richmond

CrossFit Eastern Ridge

brUte Strength

Maximilian Mormont

Shop Now Rogue Fitness

CrossFit Athletic

Smashby Training

Chalk and Steel

Casey Castleberry

The Movement Fix

CrossFit Jaakarhu

Rocktape Taping Strategy