Brooke Wells Article in the Columbia Daily Tribune

Brooke Wells is one of the youngest athletes headed to the CrossFit Games this year. After finishing 16th at the 2015 CrossFit Games, the 20-year-old fan favorite is heading to Carson once again after qualifying out of the Central Regional last month.

The Columbia Daily Tribune caught up with Wells and wrote an article about competition, her clothing line with ASRX and going to college. Check out the excerpt from the Columbia Daily Tribune.

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excerpt from the Columbia Daily Tribune

Brooke Wells began CrossFit training about four years ago to improve her conditioning to help her high school track career. She fell in love with CrossFit and opted to continue in that sport rather than pursue a college track career.

“I saw more potential to be good at CrossFit than I did at track,” said Wells, a 20-year-old rising senior at Missouri.

Wells was right about that. Her notoriety within the CrossFit community has soared within the past year.

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