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Way Past Strong

When it comes to getting strong, the training program and diet typically get all the attention. However, as with anything in this life, extraordinary results actually begin with the mind.

Way Past Strong is a personal, honest exploration of training philosophy, the healthy pursuit of vice, and the importance of mindfulness in the gym. No matter your goal, you’re sure to find more than a few pearls and nuggets within these pages.

Go forth, sip coffee, lift heavy, and smile.


Progress is a book about strength training. But this is not just another program or passing fad. This is about you, your journey, your perspective, and your goals.

It’s a long road from beginner to master. There’s much to learn along the way. My hope is that these stories and experiences will provide some of the tools that you are going to need. Plus, I hope it reminds you of what’s most important.

Get Change: A guide to becoming something new

The story I’m about to share isn’t perfect. It isn’t even close to finished yet. But it is honest – Every thought, emotion, low moment and useful insight that I found during my hardest year is right here in these pages. It might not be everything that you expect, but I promise, in just a little while you will look down at those familiar chains and realize that there is no lock.
Open your brand new eyes, baby.