California Regional Recap


The California regional features some mainstays in the team competition. Diablo CrossFit Anejo, CrossFit 808 and Invictus have been to the Games multiple years and left no doubt that they were going to do it again.

Diablo CrossFit Anejo’s 10th place Event 3 was their worst event followed by a 6th place on Event 8. The other seven events, Diablo finished no worse than 3rd. The men on Diablo absolutely crushed their competition. If there is any weakness on their team, it is the women, however, it’s hard to call it a weakness when they scored 822 points out of a potential 900.

CrossFit 808 and Invictus also never finished outside the top 10 and secured their trip to Carson. Team CDR and CrossFit Davis proved that consistency is the key. Neither team won an event, but eight top 10 finishes proved enough to comfortably move on to the Games.

Event 7 Results
1. Diablo CrossFit Anejo 6:41
2. CrossFit 808 7:03
3. CrossFit Foothill 7:08
4. Team Invictus Unconquerable 7:10
5. Invictus 7:19

Event 8 Results
1. EndGame Athletics 12:34
2. CrossFit 808 12:40
3. Team CDR 12:46
4. CFCM 12:48
5. Invictus 12:49

Event 9 Results
1. CrossFit 808 22:26
2. CFCM 23:21
3. Diablo CrossFit Anejo 23:24
4. CF Anywhere TIEDYE NATION 23:48
5. CrossFit Santa Cruz 24:31

Regional Results
1. Diablo CrossFit Anejo 822
2. CrossFit 808 764
3. Invictus 755
4. Team CDR 728
5. CrossFit Davis 689
6. CFCM 671
7. EndGame Athletics 647


The California regional women featured plenty of storylines heading into Sunday. With Lauren Fisher back, Rebecca Voigt going for her 9th Games appearance, and Chyna Cho sitting outside the top 5, it was must-watch action.

Voigt, sitting in 2nd place after Day 2, was only 35 points ahead of 7th place. Other than Lauren Fisher, the top 7 women were all in contention. With no room for error, Jamie Hagiya struggled with the overhead squats more than the other women sitting atop the leaderboard, taking 17th in Event 6, dropping her from 4th to 6th place.

Brooke Ence finished in 6th in the event, normally a great performance, but in this region it wasn’t good enough. With the exception of Hagiya, Ence finished behind all the other women in the hunt for qualifying. Ence also moved down two positions to 7th place after Event 6.

It wasn’t all bad news in Event 6 though, Rebecca Voigt paced herself through the workout and came out of nowhere again to take the event win, setting herself up for another Games appearance.

Only four points separated 4th place from 7th place heading into Event 7. Ence and Colleen Fotsch struggled in 2014 during the legless rope climb event so the odds were not in their favor, especially when Cho and Hagiya both did exceptionally well. Cho and Hagiya won the legless rope climb event in their respective regions whereas Ence and Fotsch finished in 19th and 27th.

Cho and Hagiya showed they still were the best at legless rope climbs finishing 1st and 2nd, respectively, and securing their spot in Carson. Ence and Fotsch showed improvement, but it was ultimately not enough as they were left on the outside looking in, narrowly missing a qualification spot.

Fisher, Voight and Pichelli all did enough on Event 7 to maintain their positioning and advance to the CrossFit Games.

Event 6 Results
1. Rebecca Voigt 11:37
2. Alessandra Pichelli 11:46
3. Lauren Fisher 11:51
4. Chyna Cho 11:58
5. Colleen Fotsch 12:18

Event 7 Results
1. Chyna Cho 3:33
2. Jamie Hagiya 3:46
3. Lisa Warren 3:52
4. Sarah Hopping Estrella 3:53
5. Brooke Ence 4:06

Regional Results
1. Lauren Fisher 563
2. Rebecca Voigt 542
3. Alessandra Pichelli 527
4. Chyna Cho 525
5. Jamie Hagiya 517
6. Brooke Ence 501
7. Colleen Fotsch 498


Saturday proved that Josh Bridges is back. Two first place finishes and a third vaulted Bridges to the top of the leaderboard in dominating fashion. On the other end of the coin, Ben Alderman saw his hopes of breaking into the top 5 disappear after two terrible performances on Event 4 and 5 as he finished in 32nd and 28th, moving him from 1st at the start of the day to 9th.

Between the two, seven athletes were jockeying for the four remaining spots. Rasmus Anderson, Lauren Fisher’s boyfriend, was securely in second place after Saturday, but still needed a good showing on Sunday to advance as he was only 41 points ahead of Garret Fisher in 8th place.

Henry Lopez, a new face at the top of the leaderboard this year, sat in third place after five events. The overhead squats, however, proved to be too much as Lopez got stuck on the set of 10. As the other athletes progressed through the burpees, Lopez found himself still working on his overhead squats watching his chance to qualify disappear. Lopez was able to complete the 10 reps and move on and in surprising fashion crush the final five overhead squats with ease, but it was too late as he finished in 27th place moving him down to 8th.

Dan Bailey also struggled compared to those around him falling out of the top 5 and back into 6th, only 3 points behind Christian Lucero. Garret Fisher won the event and moved up from 8th to 4th with one event remaining.

Knowing that he had to take risks, Dan Bailey pushed the thrusters to full tilt. He actively pulled the bar down trying to save any seconds he could, but he couldn’t hold the pace on the 21 thrusters as Marcus Filly was the first to advance to the three legless rope climbs. Garret Fisher, however, was the first to get back to the barbell.

Bailey held a slight advantage of Lucero after round 1 and maintained a two rep lead after the 15 thrusters. After getting no-repped on rope climb, Fisher was even with Lucero and Bailey heading into the last nine thrusters and one rope climb. Fisher and Lucero finished the thrusters ahead of Bailey, who appeared to run out of gas. Both finished their rope climb and raced to the finish mat ahead of Bailey to secure their spot in Carson. Bailey was unable to qualify for the Games for the first time since 2010.

Julian Alacarez finished 10th overall and struggled throughout the weekend.

Event 6 Results
1. Garret Fisher 10:37
2. Julian Alcarez 10:45
3. Rasmus Anderson 10:47
4. Christian Lucero 10:56
5. Marcus Filly 10:59

Event 7 Results
1. Jason Carroll 2:39
2. Christian Lucero 2:42
3. Marcus Filly 2:43
4. Garret Fisher 2:45
5. Kenneth Leverich 2:48

Regional Results
1. Josh Bridges 598
2. Rasmus Anderson 551
3. Marcus Filly 549
4. Christian Luccero 548
5. Garret Fisher 540
6. Jason Carroll 534
7. Dan Bailey 519
8. Henry Lopez 474