Can CrossFit Yas Hang With CrossFit Mayhem?

CrossFit Yas
via Instagram (@jgreenewod)

After two events, CrossFit Mayhem and CrossFit Yas have created some separation between them and the rest of the 38 teams. Mayhem and Yas are the only two teams to finish in the top 5 in the first two events. Mayhem holds a 10-point advantage over Yas. 12 Labours CrossFit in 3rd and trails Yas by 60 points.

So the question is, can CrossFit Yas give CrossFit Mayhem a run for the title? While most know about Rich Froning and team, fewer are likely to know much about the team from Abu Dhabi. Last year, CrossFit Yas took 2nd in the Meridian Regional, but was later disqualified after a member was ruled ineligible.

The most known athlete on CrossFit Yas is Jamie Greene. Greene won the worldwide Open this year, but Tamarind Robinson also did well finishing 24th worldwide. While the men of CrossFit Yas don’t have the firepower to that of the women, the men have proven they can keep up with the best in the team division.

The women, however, are the driving force of CrossFit Yas and may be what is needed to hang with Mayhem. CrossFit Mayhem’s men are the strongest side of the team and, just like the men of CrossFit Yas, the Mayhem women are solid competitors but don’t have that dominant athlete. If the Yas women can neutralize the advantage of the Mayhem men, CrossFit Yas has the potential trade blows with the defending blows.

We know Sunday morning begins with Event 11 so there are eight events between Friday and Saturday. Event 3 & 4 are split between MMM and FFF teams. We might have an idea of how strong each side of these teams are following Friday morning. If Yas can keep up, we may be in for a battle the rest of the weekend.