Capture the Open: Week 3 Winner

Once again, thank you to all the participants of the Capture the Open photo contest. 16.3 featured power snatches and a new movement to the CrossFit Open, the bar muscle-up. This week’s winner wins another awesome prize package from ROMWOD, Virus Intl, Fit Vine Wine, Born Primitive and Wod Wax.

The Week 3 winner of the Capture the Open photo contest is Jason Morrison.

Jason’s photo captured Anthony Layfield, one of the owners of CrossFit Blueglass, completing a power snatch during 16.3. In the background you can also see another member fighting for one of those hard-earned bar muscle-ups.

You can find Jason Morrison (@dubtastic) and CrossFit Bluegrass (@cfbluegrass) on Instagram. You can also go to CrossFit Bluegrass’ website here.

Capture the Open Week 3 Winner
Capture the Open Week 3 Winning Photo by Jason Morrison