Chandler Smith just posted a photo on Instagram showing the tip of his ring finger missing. The injury occurred while on military duty. Smith said it happened when side armor of a tank fell onto his finger. It appears that Smith will be unable to continue with the CrossFit Open this year.

In Smith’s message he states, “Not really sure what comes next for me. Sorry to the sponsors, fans, coaches and friends who were expecting big things. Thanks to mom, Shea CPT McFadden and the rest for helping me get through the toughest weekend of my life.”

Fans and fellow athletes alike have been showing support to one of the sport’s growing fan favorites.

On Friday (edit: Thursday), Smith said that he finished 17.1 in 12:40, but was going to re-do the workout on Sunday.

Smith blew up in the CrossFit community last year during the Atlantic regionals. Smith battled all weekend long near the top of the leaderboard going toe-to-toe with Ben Smith on Saturday afternoon during Event 5.

Smith is a West Point graduate and is currently a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army’s Armor branch.