Constant Injuries Sideline Jenn Jones

Multiple year CrossFit Games veteran, Jenn Jones, announced on her blog last week that back pain has become so severe that she is unable to compete at the highest level needed to qualify for Regionals this year.

Per Jones’ blog, “I wish I had figured it out, but I haven’t. Between, massage, airrosti, physical therapy, I still wake up with pain, even if i take multiple days off. Coughing and sneezing brings me too my knees. Pulling from the floor is typically out, and any heavy squats aggravate the pain to be worse sleeping and rolling. So the verdict, drop out or see what happens…I decided to play it out and see.”

At the end of her blog post, Jones shares video from 16.5 where it is clear that her injury is affecting her.

Since that initial post, Jones has posted a video blog showing her rehab. Her plan is to share her rehab journey over the course of the next year on her blog. Click here to visit Jones’ blog.