Last year the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom women changed up its roster. Lauren Neal, a 40-44 Masters athlete was replaced by two-time CrossFit Games veteran, Lindy Barber. Could the men mix things up in 2017?

The man behind the MastersUnited CrossFit YouTube Channel, Christian, revealed what might be the biggest news of the 2017 CrossFit Games season. Christian attended the Good Dudes seminar in Rome, Italy, last week. While capturing his experience at the three-day camp, he casually mentions that Dan Bailey has until October 1 to decide whether he is going to join Rich Froning’s CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team.

Check out the video at the top of the article where Christian tells this “breaking news”.

Christian’s recollection of the statement came right after a 90-minute Q&A session. Unfortunately, he did not capture Bailey and Froning talking about it so we have to take Christian’s word on it.

Either way, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open and will report on anything we can find out.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the multi-video series from MastersUnited at the Good Dudes camp.