CrossFit Mayhem Dominates Team Murph

It looks like Rich Froning and CrossFit Mayhem are ready to repeat in 2016. With the addition of Lindy Barber to the team this year, CrossFit Mayhem was the favorite entering the team competition this year and after one event it looks like they are the team to beat.

The hour-long event began at 7pm local time Wednesday night with all 240 athletes racing to start the 1,800-meter run/litter carry. CrossFit OC3 and 12 Labours CrossFit with CrossFit Mayhem lurking in 7th place as they entered the soccer stadium. Facing 100 Worm Push Press, 300 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups and 100 Worm Squats, Mayhem slowly began to narrow the gap on the pull-ups.

Mayhem reached the Worm Squats in 3rd place, but did each section of 20 squats unbroken. The steady pace proved to be too much for 12 Labours as they struggled with the Worm. CrossFit Mayhem finished the squats and started walking out of the stadium while 12 Labours stared at the Worm with 15 squats remaining.

By the time 12 Labours finished their squats, Mayhem had exited the stadium and were on their way to the final litter carry. With a sizable advantage, Mayhem increased its lead by altering their carrying strategy. The male athletes began carrying one end of the litter on their own with the women just touching one of the handles. Members transitioned frequently throughout the 1,800-meter carry on their way to an easy victory.

The team entered the soccer stadium to a loud roar from the crowd and casually jogged to the finish line. 12 Labours CrossFit finished in 2nd place, 2:40 behind Mayhem. CrossFit Yas raced past CrossFit Dynamix in the final run across the soccer stadium to take 3rd place.

With 200-points at stake, CrossFit Mayhem sits in first place with a 12-point advantage over 12 Labours in 2nd place. The teams will take on the Buddy Swim in the ocean on Thursday.

Team Murph Results
1. CrossFit Mayhem – 55:18
2. 12 Labours CrossFit – 57:58
3. CrossFit Yas – 58:33
4. CrossFit Dynamix – 58:37
5. CrossFit Fort Vancouver – 1:00:21