Dan Bailey has hinted at retiring from the sport of CrossFit for the past couple of years. Following his 4th place finish, Bailey said he had considered it to be his last year of

competing. However, the 4th place finish fired him up to go for it again in 2016.

We all know what happened at the 2016 California regional. Bailey narrowly missed qualifying for the CrossFit Games. Since then, there has only been speculation as to whether Bailey would give it another run. A few months ago, it was even mentioned that Bailey was considering joining Rich Froning’s Mayhem Freedom team.

Dan Bailey after failing to qualify for the 2016 CrossFit Games
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But yesterday during Pat Sherwood and Rory McKernan’s TGIF Facebook Live broadcast, Sherwood shared that Bailey has been training hard and will be giving it a go in 2017.

That’s not all, Sherwood also said that Bailey will no longer be in the California regional. Instead, Bailey has moved back home to Ohio and will be mixing it up in the Central East.

Fast forward to the 12-min mark where Sherwood drops the inside information…