It’s been a month since submissions for the 2016 CrossFit Liftoff closed and we finally have the official announcement that Alessandra Pichelli and Cameron Pernich are the overall winners of the competition. Pernich and Pichelli held the top spot of the men’s and women’s leaderboard, respectively, but it was not official until yesterday.

With three scored events and two of them being one-rep max Olympic lifts, it favors the stronger athletes who can also carry their strength over to the grueling 15-minute AMRAP. Pichelli and Pernich had the perfect combination this year to take the overall title.

It is unclear why the final announcement took so long, but it could be because (most of) the winners of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk events were non-CrossFitters who lived outside of the United States. None of the top lifters or overall winners have changed from the days following the submission deadline.

Here are videos from the biggest Olympic lifts: