FitAid 2 Wins ECC Team Competition

The Team Competition at the East Coast Championships wrapped up Sunday afternoon with Team FitAid 2 taking home the title. The team consisting of Sara Sigmundsdottir, Kari Pearce, Travis Williams and Nick Urankar methodically chipped away at each event and basically secured the victory heading into the final event. Team FitAid 2 held a 27 point advantage over Team NutriForce going into the Finals.

Team FitAid 2 completed the Finals consisting of four Hero workouts to finish on top of the podium. Team Shake and Bake took second place with Team NutriForce slipping back to third.

The Team competition at the ECC is a little different than other team competitions in that scored events were based on individual contributions or male/female pairs. Not one of the scored events included the participation of all four team members. Instead, teams had to choose the order of individuals to compete during different portions of each event.

In the Finals, a Hero WOD was announced and teams had 30 seconds to determine which team member was going to compete. The twist was that the remaining Hero workouts were unknown at that point in time. The first Hero WOD was Randy, the first Regional workout in 2015. During Regionals, Travis Williams won the South Regional in 2:35.9 seconds. Today, Williams improved by 3 seconds with a 2:32 after completing three grueling events prior to win the event.

The second Hero WOD was Brian. Cole Sager, of Team Shake and Bake, blazed through the back squats to take the win. In an interesting move, Team FitAid 2 had Sara Sigmundsdottir attempt Brian. All of the other teams had chosen a male athlete to complete the rope climb / back squat couplet. Sigmundsdottir ended up taking 5th place.

The third Hero WOD was Marco, a triplet of pull-ups, handstand pushups and thrusters. This time Annie Thorisdottir (Team NutriForce) paced herself perfectly to overtake FitAid 2’s Kari Pearce.

And the last Hero WOD was DT. The 2015 CrossFit Games featured Heavy DT and the remaining five athletes went out fast stringing together deadlifts, hang power cleans and push jerks in the first round. Nick Urankar took the lead in the second round, but redlined as he approached the 5th and final round. Katrin Davidsdottir looked strong throughout the event and pushed past Urankar to take the event win. Urankar dropped to 4th place.

Here is the ranking of the top 11 teams. For the full leaderboard, click here.

East Coast Championships Team Leaderboard