FitAID Misfits Share Event 1 on Facebook LIVE

Kari Pearce and Alexis Johnson of FitAid Misfits for CrossFit Team Series
via Instagram (@mf_mathlete)

CrossFit has been promoting the Facebook LIVE platform for the Team Series. Using the hashtag #teamserieslive on Facebook, teams are posting live video feeds of their workouts.

FitAID Misfits were one of the few elite teams to post videos last year and it looks like they are doing it again. The CrossFit Games veterans – Jordan Cook, Travis Williams, Kari Pearce and Alexis Johnson – used the Facebook LIVE platform during Event 1.

Take a look at the synchronized event and stay tuned to The Barbell Spin for more live videos, social media posts and updates of the CrossFit Team Series.

It looks like they’re having fun too…