GQ Shares Jason Khalipa’s Real-Life Diet (Sorta)

In GQ’s “Real-Life Diet” series, GQ is featuring pro athletes from various sports and showing what they eat. The weekly series has focused on an Olympic gymnast, celebrity personal trainer, rugby star, professional (video) gamer, mountain-climbing photographer, bodybuilder, and now a CrossFitter – Jason Khalipa.

After reading through the previous articles, the series is more about the sport and “athlete” than it is about what he (yes, all the athletes have been men so far) actually eats. And this article is no different.

The 600-word article takes 386 words before the first mention of Khalipa’s diet.


“Khalipa, who keeps to a gluten-free and mostly paleo diet, has been working in gyms since he was a teenager, and the difference he saw in the CrossFit model motivated him to open his own gym, NorCal CrossFit, now NC Fit.” –


The article briefly describes Khalipa’s journey supporting his daughter, Ava, as she fights leukemia.

GQ then finishes the article like the rest of the series by showing what Khalipa eats during a typical day.


Scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes, avocado
Coffee with whole milk, to cut down sugar

Salad with grilled shrimp and balsamic dressing

Fish tacos with almond-flour tortillas, Brussels sprouts with bacon –


The article itself is not bad. It’s just misleading. Most of the article is about CrossFit training and the CrossFit Games and then suddenly ends with what Khalipa eats on a typical day.

To read the full article and learn more about what CrossFit is, click here.