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Lauren Jenai and Greg Glassman co-founded CrossFit in 2000. Nine years later Jenai filed for divorce beginning an ugly four-year period. Jenai was rumored to be shopping her 50% ownership to private equity and found a potential buyer in Anthos Captial. The Glassmans went to court and it ended with Greg Glassman buying Jenai’s 50% ownership in the growing fitness brand.

Jenai has bounced back since that difficult time and has started a new business venture, Manifest. The purpose of Manifest to help those who are not elite athletes become healthier. According to Manifest’s website, “MANIFEST distills the essence of exercise, nutritional, and behavioral science to not only improve your quality of life, but to help prolong that life.”

There are not too many details yet, but the first location is open in Scottsdale, Arizona. To join, members must sign up for a three-month membership for $600. After that, members will either advance to the next phase of the program or repeat the first phase. Regardless, membership will continue at $200 per month. After a year, Manifest contends that members will have enough information to navigate their new healthy lifestyle on their own.

Manifest is for adults as well as children. Additionally, people outside of Scottsdale can sign up for Manifest Virtual, a service utilizing video conferencing with their facilitators.

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