January 1 is the official date where athletes competing on a team for the CrossFit Games season must begin working out together. Section 1.12 of the CrossFit Games rulebook states, “CrossFit requires that the majority of a team member’s training days and workouts take place at the team gym starting January 1.

Today, January 2, Dan Bailey posted a photo on Instagram of he, Austin Malleolo and James Hobart after completing Murph. The photo was taken at Reebok CrossFit One in Canton, Massachusetts.

At the same time, Lindy Barber posted an Instagram story stating the the team is back together. The quick video shows Rich Froning, Matt Hewett, Kristin Reffett and Elly Kabboord. Obviously, Hobart was not in attendance.

Hobart’s absence does not mean that he cannot compete on CrossFit Mayhem in 2017, but he will need to begin working out with them in Cookeville, Tennessee in the next day or two. “At least four (4) training days must be completed at the team gym if the athlete trains six (6) or seven (7) days a week,” states Section 1.13 of the CrossFit Games rulebook.

The other possibility is that CrossFit Mayhem Freedom submitted an Early Declaration Form to accommodate for Hobart’s long distance away from the team’s gym. The Form allows teams to appeal certain team rules, including:

  • missing the January 1 deadline to begin training at the team location due to work commitment or vacation
  • traveling long distances to train at the team location throughout the season
  • frequent travel during the CrossFit Games season

While Hobart may join Froning and team in Cookeville in the coming days, there’s also a possibility that Mayhem will change out a team member once again this year. In 2016, Lindy Barber replaced Lauren Neal.

CrossFit Mayhem is the two-time defending CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup champion.