Jordan Cook at 2014 South Central Regionals
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Jordan Cook has made a name for himself in the South Regional after bursting onto the scene in 2014. Cook won the South Central Regional in 2014. The following year, 2015, Cook battled fellow Misfit Athletics athlete, Travis Williams, in the South “Super Regional”. Once again Cook qualified with a 3rd place finish.

Cook stumbled a bit in 2016 with a lackluster performance at Regionals. Cook ended up taking 8th and failed to qualify for his third consecutive CrossFit Games appearance. For the past three years, Cook has trained with Travis Williams in Webster, Texas, at CrossFit Bay Area.

Things are going to get a lot colder for Cook this winter. Cook is moving to Portland, Maine, to train under the watchful eye of Seth Page and Drew Crandell at Misfit Athletics. The move will mean that Cook will be competing in the North East region during the Open and the East Regional.

The move is not going to do any favors for Cook as the East has generally been a more difficult region to advance out of to the Games. While the South Regional saw three rookies qualify for the Games in 2016, the East set veterans including Mat Fraser, Albert-Dominic Larouche, Spencer Hendel and Alex Vigneault. And of course, 3rd place Games finisher Patrick Vellner is in the East Regional.