Last year Justine Beath finished 4th at the Australia Regional to qualify for her first trip to the CrossFit Games. Beath would end up placing 38th when it was all said and done in Carson.

After looking at the 17.1 results, Beath’s name was absent the rankings. In fact, two weeks ago Beath told her Instagram fans in post that she would be sitting out of the 2017 season. She cites the physical, mental and emotional toll that the Games had taken on her. After several injuries this past off-season, Beath made the difficult decision to take a year off.

Her focus is now “balancing my health, relationships, my coaching and helping others and as an athlete fixing my body and movement and actually enjoying CrossFit workouts again – pain free.” Beath’s sight is set to come back in 2018 and make another run at the Games.

After a long period of doubt, lots of thought, and many conversations I’ve decided to sit out of the 2017 CrossFit Games season. The last couple of years have been the best that have seen me achieve something that I once thought I never could do and for that I am so proud and grateful. However, throughout this crazy CrossFit journey, each year I’ve entered every season with some form of injury or two. The last year of taking Minimal rest days and my obsessive nature haha (which I truly believe helped get me to the games) – has taken its toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. After the 2016 games I lacked passion and drive. I “took some time off” (well tried to) that lasted a week or so and I was back in the gym, angry at myself for feeling like I didn’t want to train and feeling drained. I was popping anti inflammatories multiple times a day just so I could lift my arms up in the morning to tie my hair. Ive had injury after injury throughout the off season and I just know that deep inside, my body needs to heal. As hard as this has been to write and admit, I pride myself on my effort, integrity and honesty and know that there are others out there who will be reading and can relate, if not entirely at least a bit. I preach to the people i train “sometimes it’s necessary to take a few steps back to then progress forward”. – I honestly believe that and it’s about time I take my own advice. I love CrossFit and what it’s done for me and the people I train. My drive and absolute passion to train as an “athlete” is returning faster than I thought it would which makes this decision so much harder. However, competing at The CrossFit Games is something I know I want to do again, but I want to do it so much better and i know what it takes. My body needs to heal and my mind needs to heal. I am looking forward to taking this time off to focus on balancing my health, relationships, my coaching and helping others and as an athlete fixing my body and movement and actually enjoying crossfit workouts again- pain free. The plan is to continue to work harder than ever and be back in 2018 – the best JB yet. #alloftheeffort #crossfitgames #allheart

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