Lucas Parker Shares Frustrations of 2016 CrossFit Games

Lucas Parker during 100% at the 2016 CrossFit Games
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Lucas Parker took to his blog to share his experience at this year’s CrossFit Games. While a relatively brief summary, Parker does not hold back when expressing his frustrations with how the Games were structured this year.

His biggest criticism comes when he says:

“It feels like there were two competitions happening: The Dave Castro Games, and The CrossFit Games.

“The Dave Castro Games had a very military feel. It was all about adversity and survival. Can you  get through it? Pass or fail. Live or die. In this competition, I’d say I passed. I survived, I got through it. Same as last place, same as first place.

“Only problem is, this was also The CrossFit Games. There is a complex and detailed ranking system based on split seconds and inches. That’s what I’m frustrated about: I feel like I wasn’t part of that competition. I feel like I was on the outside looking in.”

Click here to read Parker’s full summary of his experience.