Masters & Teens Events Released

2016 CrossFit Games Masters & Teens Events

We now know all but the final event for the Masters and Teens division at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games. The first six event details were released yesterday and the athletes will be challenged. The weights have increased and weaknesses will be exposed starting with the first workout, California Club.

California Club will feature 365-pound deadlifts for the Men’s Masters divisions under 54 years of age, 80 GHD sit-ups, 160 double-unders, 80 wall balls and 8 rope climbs. Later that afternoon, a variation of Amanda, last year’s Masters/Teen final event, will be thrown at the athletes.¬†Adios Amigos will feature more reps of both movements and the snatches will increase in load each round. The details do not specifically call for squat snatches which may help some athletes who were limited by mobility issues last year.

feelthebernOn Day 2, athletes will Feel the Berm as they will complete the 600-meter run around the berm at the end of the soccer stadium four times with 20 burpee box jumps thrown in between the runs. After 1.5 miles of running up and down stairs and up and down on the berm, the legs will be burning. It won’t get any better in the afternoon as Event 4 and 5 are back-to-back with only a minute rest in between. A sprint chipper featuring 22 toes-to-bar, 22 clean and jerks and a 160-meter sprint is immediately followed by a 5-minute time cap to find a 1RM squat clean.

2016 CrossFit Games Scoring Sytem

On the final day, the D-Ball Triplet will be the last event before the fields are whittled down to the top 10 for the final event. A 3-round triplet featuring thrusters, bar muscle-ups and D-ball cleans are in store on Thursday morning. The D-ball cleans are a whopping 150-pounds for the Male Masters under 54 and Male Teens 16-17 and 100-pounds for the women. Back in 2012, the Individual competition featured 150/80-pound Medicine Ball Cleans so the weights are the same or higher than what we saw only four years ago at the elite level.

The scoring for the Masters and Teens is the same as the Individual and Team divisions with 100-points awarded to 1st, 94-points to 2nd, and so on. With only 20 athletes in each division, the fewest points available for each event is 40. The first six events are all worth 100-points.