Mat Fraser Destroys East Regional

Mat Fraser at 2015 Swiss Alpine Battle presented by Kill Cliff
©Damien Le Gallo Photographie. Used with permission from Damien Le Gallo Photographie.

Mat Fraser finished 2nd at the CrossFit Games two years in a row. Last year Fraser was the favorite heading into Carson, but he fell just short of Ben Smith. This year, Fraser appears to be the favorite once again after destroying the East regional with five event wins, a 2nd place and a 6th place finish.

Fraser scored 670 points in his regional. Brent Fikowski had the second highest men’s point total with 623. Fraser started Friday and Saturday with four straight event victories, something only one other person has done in regional competition – yes, you guess it, Rich Froning.

Fraser didn’t just win, he set records while doing so. Fraser ended with weekend with an Event 1 record. He also set a record in Event 6, but it was broken minutes later by Zak Carchedi in the Central Regional.

Fraser ended the weekend ahead of Albert-Dominic Larouche, 2nd place, 158 points. While chaos ensued behind him, Fraser set himself apart and is now focused on the CrossFit Games. With less than two months until the CrossFit Games,  Fraser will be heading into Carson, California the hands down favorite.

Final Results
1. Mat Fraser 670
2. Albert-Dominic Larouche 512
3. Patrick Vellner 506
4. Spencer Hendel 486
5. Alex Vigneault 483 (best finish 3rd)
6. Chase Smith 483 (best finish 4th)
7. Austin Malleolo 454