Pacific Regional – Day 1 Recap


Event 1 for the teams is the long chipper with three pairs working through each element. The conga line workout requires a female-female pair followed by a male-male pair and ends with a male-female pair. The first pair set the stage for the rest of the team as the second and third pairs were limited by the pace of the first pair.

With a 20-minute time cap, only four teams were able to complete all of work. CrossFit Athletic’s first pair paced themselves during row/bike station which made the second pair wait after competing the syncho bar muscle-ups. CrossFit Athletic caught up to Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne on the power cleans setting the stage for the final two pairs.

Both teams’ second pair moved through the power cleans simultaneously, but the third pair of CrossFit Athletic cruised through the power cleans as they pulled away from the field. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne’s last pair struggled on the power cleans allowing Injustice Crew to move into second place. CrossFit Boss was the only team to complete the workout under the time cap from the first two heats.

Event 1 Results
1. CrossFit Athletic 16:47
2. Injustice Crew 17:58
3. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne 19:23
4. CrossFit Boss 19:54
5. CrossFit Torian CAP+15

Events 2 and 3 for the teams mirrored the snatch ladder for the individuals. At the same weights as the individuals, the male and female trios had to do reps 5-4-3-2-1 at each station. While no team was able to complete every snatch, CrossFit Torian’s men were one rep shy of completing the ladder. CrossFit Torian’s women, however, struggled mightily as the women were only able to complete two snatches at 135-pounds. This set their team back as the women finished 26th in the event and moving them back to 8th overall after Day 1.

In Event 3 and the women, CrossFit Athletic continued its strong performance on Day 1 as they lifted a total of 4,135-pounds, good for a tie with Zaks Pack East Tamaki. Injustice Crew also had a strong performance but fell 10-pounds shy with 4,125-pounds lifted.

After Day 1, CrossFit Athletic and Zaks Pack East Tamaki appear to set themselves apart from the rest of the teams, but there are still six scored events left so no team is safe. Day 2 should prove exciting as 8th place is only 13 points outside of a qualifying position.

Event 2 Results
1. CrossFit Torian 9,260-pounds
2. Zaks Pack East Tamaki 8,485-pounds
3. CrossFit Active 8,300-pounds
4. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne 8,035-pounds
5. Tropic Thunder 7,790-pounds

Event 3 Results
1. Zaks Pack East Tamaki 4,135-pounds
2. CrossFit Athletic 4,135-pounds
3. Injustice Crew 4,125-pounds
4. Functional Strength CrossFit 3,950-pounds
5. Raw Commando 3,330-pounds

Day 1 Results
1. CrossFit Athletic 271
2. Zaks Pack East Tamaki 270
3. Injustice Crew 254
4. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne 244
5. CrossFit Active 228
6. Functional Strength CrossFit 221
7. CrossFit Loaded 217
8. CrossFit Torian 215


The first event for the individuals was the Snatch Ladder. With a running 2-minute time cap on each set, athletes were required to move quickly through the sets of 10 and 8 snatches or risk running out of time. On the women’s side, 13 athletes were unable to complete the first 10 snatches at 135-pounds. On the flip side, only five women completed the ladder within the time cap.

Kara Webb quickly showed her dominance as she repped out snatch after snatch well ahead of her competitors. Webb finished the ladder in 5:29, almost 2:40 ahead of the nearest competitor, Bailey Rogers. Rogers set the early pace in the first heat with a time of 8:10. Games veteran, Tia-Clair Toomey, methodically worked through the snatches in the third heat and took first in her heat and ended up third overall.

Event 1 Results
1. Kara Webb 5:29
2. Bailey Rogers 8:10
3. Tia-Clair Toomey 8:30
4. Ruth Anderson Horrell 8:51
5. Alethea Boon 10:18

Regional Nate was next up for the women. Unfortunately, Ruth Anderson Horrell withdrew prior to Event 2 due to the elbow injury that she sustained earlier this week.

Regional Nate proved very difficult for the women as no one was able to complete all 10 rounds within the 20-minute time cap. Coming off a 5th place finish on Event 1, Alethea Boon followed up with a strong performance on Event 2. Boon finished 9 rounds and 2 kettlebell snatches, just 9 snatches and a run to the finish line shy of completing the workout. Justine Beath, Kara Webb, Harriett Roberts and Tia-Clair Toomey made it to Round 9.

Event 2 Results
1. Alethea Boon CAP+10
2. Justine Beath CAP+29
3. Kara Webb CAP+35
4. Harriet Roberts CAP+43
5. Tia-Clair Toomey CAP+44

Day 1 Results
1. Kara Webb 190
2. Alethea Boon 180
3. Tia-Clair Toomey 170
4. Justine Beath 162
5. Harriet Roberts 156
6. Jessica Coughlan 130
7. Stephanie Ortiz 128
8. Amy Alessi 126


While the weights for the men looks daunting, the first barbell at 185-pounds did not create an issue for the men like it did for the women. All 40 athletes were able to advance to the second barbell before running into the time cap. Also, 13 men were able to complete two reps at 265-pounds and finish ahead of the 11-minute time cap.

The most exciting finish occurred in the second heat when Brandon Swan and Mitchell Sinnamon completed their first 265-pound snatch at the same time. Both stepped away from their bar to rest. With Swan’s barbell sitting 10-feet behind Sinnamon’s, Swan kept an eye on Sinnamon’s pace and started his snatch a second ahead of Mitchell. That one second was crucial as Swan stepped on the finish mat two seconds ahead of Sinnamon.

The final heat featured Khan Porter and Rob Forte, both CrossFit Games veterans. Both athletes worked through the snatches, but were unable to match the pace of Swan and Sinnamon. Porter finished 10 seconds ahead of Porter for third and fourth place, respectively.

Kyle Frankenfeld, who finished 1st in the Australian Open, struggled and was unable to complete the set of 6 snatches at 225-pounds under the 6-minute time cap. Frankenfeld took 22nd in the event. Eric Carmody, who finished 1st in the Asia Open, also failed to advance to the 245-pound bar as he only completed one snatch at 225-pounds. Carmody took 35th.

Event 1 Results
1. Brandon Swan 7:36
2. Mitchell Sinnamon 7:38
3. Khan Porter 8:06
4. Rob Forte 8:16
5. Zeke Grove 8:38

Regional Nate for the most of the men turned into a 20-minute AMRAP. Only three men completed all ten rounds. Tom Lengyel showed grit as he pushed through the last two round to finish in 18:30, well ahead of Zeke Grove’s second place finish in 19:49. Khan Porter was on pace with Lengyel and Grove, but rounds 8 and 9 finally caught up with Porter. After a 4th place finish on Event 1, Rob Forte struggled with the strict muscle-ups and finished in 23rd.

After Day 1, outside of Khan Porter, there are a lot of new faces atop the leaderboard. There are still five events before tickets are punched, but for athletes like Kyle Frankenfeld, Luke Fiso and Michael Mogard, they will need to have a really strong day tomorrow to get back into the mix.

Event 2 Results
1. Tom Lengyel 18:30
2. Zeke Grove 19:49
3. Jordan Bender 19:50
4. Luke McMahon CAP+18
5. Khan Porter CAP+20

Day 1 Results
1. Zeke Grove 175
2. Khan Porter 170
3. Mitchell Sinnamon 168
4. Jordan Bender 165
5. Tom Lengyel 145
6. Kevin Manuel 140
7. Ricky Garard 136
8. Brendan Clarke 134
11. Rob Forte 126