Pacific Regional – Day 2 Recap


Saturday again had three events lined up for the teams. Events 4 and 5 were identical workouts with the men taking the stage on Event 4 and the women on Event 5. The trios had to complete an 1,800-meter run on the the TrueForm Runner, 60 overhead squats with a pull-up hang and 100 GHD sit-ups with a deadlift hold.

Day 1 ended with CrossFit Athletic and Zaks Pack East Tamaki pulling away from the other teams. Zaks Pack continued it strong showing with a 1st and two 3rd place finishes to end Saturday with a comfortable lead. CrossFit Athletic, however, gave some of its Day 1 advantage away when the men finished 15th on Event 5.

Event 6 featured syncho deadlift and bar-facing burpees. With a need for a huge performance, Functional Strength CrossFit tore through the deadlifts and kept a steady pace on the burpees to take home a win and put themselves within striking distance heading into Sunday. Functional Strength Crossfit moved back into 7th place after six events, only six points out of 5th place.

With the remaining teams in contention all finishing in the top 8 on Event 6, the top 7 seven set themselves apart from the rest of the teams heading into Sunday. CrossFit Torian and Injustice Crew both have 459 points, but CrossFit Torian holds the tie-breaker with two first place finishes thus far.

Event 4 Results
1. Zaks Pack East Tamaki 15:27
2. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne 15:34
3. CrossFit Athletic 16:11
4. Raw Commando 16:14
5. Reebok CrossFit Frankston 16:16

Event 5 Results
1. CrossFit Torian CAP+19
2. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne CAP+25
3. Zaks Pack East Tamaki CAP+57
4. CrossFit 2600 CAP+62
5. Raw Commando CAP+65

Event 6 Results
1. Functional Strength CrossFit 15:51
2. CrossFit Loaded 16:12
3. Zaks Pack East Tamaki 16:20
4. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne 16:32
5. Reebok CrossFit Frankston 17:02

Day 2 Results
1. Zaks Pack East Tamaki 550
2. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne 519
3. CrossFit Athletic 493
4. CrossFit Loaded 460
5. CrossFit Torian 459
6. Injustice Crew 459
7. Functional Strength CrossFit 453
8. Raw Commando 420


Kara Webb continued her dominance on Day 2 as she took first place in both Event 3 and 4. Her time of 5:01 on Event 3 held on as the event record after the first weekend, just three seconds ahead of Lauren Fisher in the California regional. Games veterans, Tia-Clair Toomey and Alethea Boon, and Justine Beath all separated themselves from the rest of the field on Saturday. All three women finished no worse than 8th place on any event and have all but guaranteed their placement in the top 5 on Sunday afternoon.

As for Kara Webb, she has already secured a spot to the CrossFit Games as she mathematically cannot finish worse than 5th place overall.

Event 3 Results
1. Kara Webb 5:01
2. Tia-Clair Toomey 5:13
3. Harriet Roberts 5:31
4. Alethea Boon 5:41
5. Justine Beath 5:53

Event 4 Results
1. Kara Webb 14:05
2. Kat Baker 14:26
3. Tia-Clair Toomey 14:28
4. Justine Beath 14:57
5. Jessica Coughlan 15:05

Event 5 Results
1. Tia-Clair Toomey 13:21
2. Justine Beath 14:40
3. Kara Webb 14:41
4. Madeline Sturt 14:51
5. Kat Baker 15:29

Day 2 Results
1. Kara Webb 480
2. Tia-Clair Toomey 455
3. Justine Beath 422
4. Alethea Boon 409
5. Harriet Roberts 338
6. Jessica Coughlin 314
7. Jaime Goodwin 311
8. Madeline Sturt 307


When we ended Day 1, Rob Forte was sitting in 11th place overall, 19 points outside of 5th place and 49 points behind 1st place. But with three events up for grabs on Saturday, Forte showed why he is a multi-year Games veteran. Forte took a 12th in Event 3 and then a 1st and 2nd in Events 4 and 5. With a few of the leaders faltering at the same time, Forte found himself on 1st place.

Zeke Grove, first place after Day 1, started the day on top with a great victory on Event 3, but then struggled on Event 4 and 5 taking 19th and 23rd, respectively. Grove is still sitting in 4th place, but his margin for error heading into Sunday is much less.

Khan Porter also struggled on Saturday, but unlike Grove, Porter dropped out of the top 5 and is now on the outside looking in. Porter is eight points behind Ricky Garard for that last qualifying spot.

Event 3 Results
1. Zeke Grove 4:18
2. James Newbury 4:20
3. Kevin Manuel 4:23.45
4. Mitchell Sinnamon 4:23.65
5. Kyle Frankenfeld 4:25

Day 2 Results
1. Rob Forte 382
2. Mitchell Sinnamon 381
3. James Newbury 378
4. Zeke Grove 365
5. Ricky Garard 351
6. Khan Porter 343
7. Kyle Frankenfeld 322
8. Kevin Manuel 314