Patrick Vellner finished ahead of Brent Fikowski during last night’s 17.1 Open Announcement match-up. One of the rules of the dumbbell snatch movement, however, is that the opposite arm/hand cannot come in contact with the leg.

During Vellner’s round of 20 snatches, he had several reps in which he violated that rule and has self-imposed a penalty. The live judge, Adrian Bozman, did not catch the violation. The penalty for the invalid reps would cost Vellner about one minute.

Needless to say, Vellner will be re-doing the workout.

Check out Vellner’s announcement on Instagram below and then watch the archived footage of the reps in question below that.

I had an amazing time doing the @crossfitgames 17.1 Open Announcement in Montreal yesterday. It was a huge honour and a lot of fun! Unfortunately there has been a small hiccup. In my second round of snatches there were some reps where my left arm made contact with my leg. It wasn’t caught live by the judges, but later upon video review. We done get any free passes as games athletes, rules are rules. I’ve assessed s penalty for each rep which from what i understand comes out to about a minute. Looks like I’ll be giving this one another go! Big thanks to everyone who came out to the event to watch and the staff who put it all together. It really is an amazing time. A little bit of a sour note to end it on but hey, that’s why we have till Monday! #openannouncement #reebok #crossfit #makeitcount #intheopen #rulesisrules #redo #4moreweeksofthis #thankyou @forging_heroes @proenergynutrition

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