Pensacola Beach Brawl 5 Is This Weekend

Pensacola Beach Brawl 5

The Pensacola Beach Brawl 5 is this weekend from September 16-18. The event takes place right on the beach and will have over 1,200 competitors throughout the weekend. Both the Men’s and Women’s Elite champions from last year, Travis Williams and Lauren Truzkowski, are returning.

This year, the Elite individual competition will feature a beach triathlon (plus more) with a 400m swim, 200m beach run, 1k row, 20 burpees over sandbag and a 300m beach sandbag carry. The athletes will also be tested on their 1RM Clean and Jerk, complete a chipper starting with a 100-foot handstand walk and the final triplet has legless rope climbs.

The triathlon begins at 1:00pm CT (local time).

Notable names competing:

Female Elite
Nicole Capurso
Brista Mayfield
Alison Scudds
Cassidy Lance
Lauren Truzkowski
Alexis Johnson
Hannah Richards

Male Elite
Travis Williams
Aaron Hanna
Jacob Anderson
Lex Ozias
Adam Vinson
Ben Williams