Predicting 16.3

Via Instagram (@thedavecastro)

For two weeks in a row we’ve seen 20-minute workouts (for the top level athletes). Of course, for most competing 16.2 was only an 8 or 12-minute AMRAP. The 16.3 Open Announcement is only one day away so let’s take a look at what movements we have done and what movements have we yet to see.

What We’ve Seen What We’ve Yet to See
Bar Facing Burpee Box Jump
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up Clean and Jerk
Double-Under Deadlift
Overhead Lunge (new movement) Handstand Push-Up
Squat Clean Muscle-Up
Toes-to-Bar Overhead Squat
Wall Ball


We’ve also not seen a repeat workout yet. Masters athlete, Shawn Ramirez, and Teen athlete, Nicholas Paladino, will face off during the 16.3 Open announcement show. Before we get to our prediction here at The Barbell Spin, we asked some of the top athletes, including some in the teen division, what they think Dave Castro has up his sleeve for us this week.

Brooklin Smith (4th in the Teenage Girls 14-15 division)
“I really think it will have muscle-ups (I love muscle-ups). Muscle-ups have been in the 3rd week for the last few years. Maybe wallballs, rowing, barbell cycling. I would love to see handstand push-ups. Or since Castro put in 25-foot walking lunges he could easily do a handstand walk.

“This year has been great so far! Can’t wait to see what he puts in 16.3!”

Alexis Raptis (5th in the Teenage Girls 16-17 division)
“I think there is going to be muscle-ups and rowing.”

Demi Bagby (21st in the Teenage Girls 14-15 division)
Handstand Push-ups or Wall Balls

Brandon Phillips (CrossFit Bound is in 5th in the South East)
Muscle-ups, Double-Unders and Rowing

Talayna Fortunato (14th in the South East)
“Maybe Muscle-ups”

Kurt Garceau (CrossFit Milford Black is in 2nd in the North East)
“I would really love to see a repeat of 14.3, the deadlift/box jump workout. That was a great one for me and a fun one!”

Sarah Scholl (19th worldwide)
“Handstand push-ups and power snatches”

The Barbell Spin Prediction
7-minute AMRAP
15 Deadlifts
15 Handstand Push-Ups