Dave Castro during 17.3 Open Announcement (screen cap)
Dave Castro during 17.3 Open Announcement (screen cap)

Well 17.3 was fun! It definitely separated the contenders from the pretenders. But as one week comes to a close another one is just about to begin. With just over 48 hours before Castro makes his announcement in Mexico City, what do you think we will see?

Before we get to what some of the top athletes are guessing, let’s take a look at what movements we’ve seen and what might be still to come.

Already Done That Yet to Come?
Burpee Box Jump Overs Thrusters
Dumbbell Snatches Rowing
Weighted Lunges Handstand Push-ups
Toes-to-Bar Wall Balls
Dumbbell Power Cleans Double Unders
Bar Muscle-Ups Deadlifts
Squat Snatches Shoulder-to-Overhead
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups Ring Muscle-Ups

And who is to say that we don’t see burpees again or chest-to-bar pull-ups. We did both of those movements twice last year.

Since the Open began, thrusters have always been part of the last workout. So if you believe that trend continues, thrusters are out for 17.4. There’s been a lot of speculation that 17.4 will be a 16.4 repeat, but that will likely mean that chest-to-bar pull-ups will be seen again in 17.5. Will that happen? Maybe, maybe not.

We’ve not seen a real chipper yet this year so 17.4 points to something like that. Maybe some wall balls, deadlifts, double unders and ring muscle-ups?

Ok, enough with our speculation. What are the athletes thinking?

Melissa Doss

31st in Central East and on 2nd place Team Maximus

“I think 17.4 will be a chipper of some sort. Hopefully not super long! I would predict it will have double-unders, wall balls, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups and some barbell movement. Maybe deadlifts? Maybe power cleans or shoulder-to-overheads?”

Shannon Zimmerman

6th in Central East

I’m going to say a repeat of 16.4 only because I’d prefer the rower ti be in a chipper instead of a couple like 15.5!

Darwin Perez

2nd in Central East

“Thrusters and rowing.”

Ryan Fischer

6th in Southern California

“Repeat of 16.4”

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Carleen Mathews

1st in North West

“I really hate predicting and getting caught up in a guessing game. But for fun I’m going to say light weight squat clean thrusters and/or handstand push-ups.”

Logan Collins

3rd in South Central

“I think it will be a chipper with pistols, handstand push-ups and wall balls.”

Jamie Hagiya

12th in Southern California

“Row, pistols, handstand push-ups & muscle-ups”

Meg Reardon

4th in Mid Atlantic

“Would love to see a chipper with some muscle-ups, box jumps and wall balls. Maybe a descending ladder, 50/40/30/20/10 wall balls and box jumps with 5/10/15/20/25 muscle-ups.”

Lauren Herrera

6th in South East

“Repeat of Power Clean and HSPU (15.4)”