Regional Team Events Deciphered…Or At Least Our Best Guess!

Dave Castro
Dave Castro "reveals" Events 1 and 2 for team.

Last night Dave Castro began releasing the Regional workouts for the team competition. But rather than recording himself write on the whiteboard, Castro has taken a picture of two events written on a chalkboard (see, he’s changing it up) and posted to Instagram.

The workouts as shown don’t have enough information to know exactly how they are structured. After looking at these for way too much time and comparing to previous years’ events, we’ve compiled our best guess for how each event will be set up.

Here’s our best guess for the first four events…

Event 1

Male-Female Pairs
“Conga” line style

Begins with each member of a pair running 500m on TrueForm.
First pair then does 24 Strict HSPUs each, second pair does 28, third pair does 32.
First pair does 24 DB snatches, then 28, then 32 like the Strict HSPUs.

Event 2

Full team event of:
40 Worm Thrusters
40 Synchronized Over-the Worm Burpees
20 Worm Thrusters
20 Synchronized Over-the Worm Burpees

Event 3

Pairs of M/M, F/F, M/F
Thinking this will be relay-style

20/15 calories on Air Assault Bike
50 Synchronized Wall Balls
20 Synchronized Bar Muscle-Ups
20/15 calories on the Rower

Event 4

Full team event using the Worm and each person doing a rope climb each round.

6 Rounds for Time:
30 Worm Push Press
6 Rope Climb (each athlete must do one per round)

What do you think? Did we nail it or are you seeing it play out a different way?.

Event 5

Two teams (3 men & 3 women) “Conga” line style

125 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups (with other two athletes hanging from pull-up bar)
100 Toes-to-Bar (with other two athletes hanging from pull-up bar)
100 Dumbbell Overhead Squats

Event 6

90 (or 50) Worm Clean & Jerks for Time

*This one is really hard to read whether it’s 50 or 90 Clean & Jerks. We’re guessing 90, but honestly, it’s just a guess.

Team events

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