Rich Froning Decides to Go Individual in 2016

Rich Froning at the 2015 CrossFit Games
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In a completely unexpected announcement, Rich Froning has indicated that he is going to try his hand at the individual competition in 2016. After saying over and over that he is done competing as an individual, it appears he has changed his mind.

“In looking at where we stand in the worldwide team standings, third place is not good enough,” said Rich Froning. “I finished second in the world as an individual this year in the Open and I know I can win it again.”

Froning did finish second worldwide, only behind Noah Ohlsen, in this year’s CrossFit Open. With his sights now set on the Regionals in May, the Central East has gotten a lot tougher.

As for CrossFit Mayhem Freedom’s team, they will continue on with only five members and hope that Rich fails to qualify for the CrossFit Games so that he will rejoin the team. Lindy Barber, who joined the team this offseason, said, “I understand why he wants to go individual, but let’s hope he fails to qualify for the Games so we can go as a team.”

Stay tuned for more on the April Fool’s news “story” as it develops.