Roy Gamboa Withdraws from CrossFit Regionals

Roy Gamboa celebrates 30th birthday
Roy Gamboa celebrates 30th birthday

Roy Gamboa has competed at the CrossFit Games three times. In 2017, Gamboa finished atop the South Central rankings in the CrossFit Open and was one of the favorites to qualify for the Games from the South Regional.

Gamboa, however, announced via social media that he will not be competing at the South Regional. Gamboa accepted his regional invite, but was just given the opportunity to become a firefighter. Having to choose between competing this season or pursuing his career, Gamboa has elected to sit out the remainder of the 2017 CrossFit Games season.

It’s been an amazing journey! So this is hard because of how much time I’ve invested in this sport (August 2012). I will not be competing this year at the 2017 South regional. I have been blessed with the opportunity to become what I’ve always wanted to be, a firefighter! With that blessing taking place recently, it has come down to me making the decision to pursue my career over competing this season. No regrets in my decision, I know what’s best for me and my future wife @mackenzieannette and she deserves my best as a provider and my career deserves my best as a servant for my city. I do wanna to say thank you to @xfitalex1 @prepareandexecute for getting me into the best shape possible and winning the south central region was no fluke, that was all you, sir! Thank you to @3fu3l for all your support and keeping my body fueled for competition and training, always. Also, thank you to my @trainelevate family for taking me and my squad in and for giving us a home and a chance to be part of a community that cherishes and appreciates us all! And all those who suffered with me in training to make me the best possible fitness athlete I could be! Thank you to all of my family (pops, momma and sisters) for making me into the man I am today! Always keeping me grounded and loving me in all the choices I’ve ever made including taking until 30 years old to grow up haha. And thank you @mackenzieannette for your unconditional love and support for me through this amazing journey! I’m very blessed to call you “mine” and I’m excited to start our lives together in October until forever! I love you more than you’ll ever know! And most importantly, my Lord and savior Christ Jesus! For dying for all my sins, for your everlasting love and for all the amazing blessings! I’m thankful for this journey in CrossFit You have allowed me to make, for the accomplishments You’ve allowed me to achieve and for the relationships I’ve gained (including my life partner). No regrets because Your plan is always better than mine and I Thank you that You allow me to find comfort in that! So thank you all to those who have followed me on this journey and good luck to those competing this season!

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In addition to beginning his career as a firefighter, Gamboa will be getting married to his fiance, Mackenzie Webb, in October.

With Gamboa out, only five CrossFit Games veterans will be competing at the South Regional. Travis Williams is the likely favorite heading to San Antonio in just 17 days.