Sam Dancer, Brooke Wells Clear Deadlift Ladder

Sam Dancer during the Ranch Deadlift Ladder at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games
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Sam Dancer was the last male to finish the 7k trail run, but was the first (and only) male athlete to complete the Ranch Deadlift Ladder ending at 615-pounds. With 10-minutes to rest following the run, Dancer started the ladder making the early lifts look easy.

The 20-bar deadlift ladder started at 425-pounds and increased by 10-pounds until the final bar at a whopping 615-pounds. Alex Vigneault was the next closest competitor to Dancer with a 595-pound deadlift. Cole Sager ended with the lowest deadlift at 465-pounds. The average deadlift for the men was 517-pounds, which is higher than the 505-pound final bar in 2009.

Similar to Dancer, Brooke Wells struggled with the trail run finishing 37th among the women, but then excelled at the heavy deadlifts. Wells worked through all 20 deadlifts finishing the ladder with a 415-pound pull. Candice Wagner finished in 2nd place with a successful 395-pound deadlift. The 2016 CrossFit Games champion, Katrin Davidsdottir, finished 38th in the ladder with a 295-pound deadlift. The women’s average deadlift was 347-pounds.

Ranch Deadlift Ladder Distribution - Men
Ranch Deadlift Ladder Distribution – Men
Ranch Deadlift Ladder Distribution - Women
Ranch Deadlift Ladder Distribution – Women

Results (Men)
1. Sam Dancer – 615-pounds
2. Alex Vigneault – 595-pounds
3. Lucas Parker – 575-pounds
T4. Travis Williams – 565-pounds
T4. Spender Hendel – 565-pounds

Results (Women)
1. Brooke Wells – 415-pounds
2. Candice Wagner – 395-pounds
3. Tia-Clair Toomey – 390-pounds
4. Alessandra Pichelli – 385-pounds
5. Whitney Cappellucci – 380-pounds