Sara Sigmundsdottir Making Splash in SoCal Region

Sara Sigmundsdottir on surfboard
Sara Sigmundsdottir via Instagram - @sarasigmunds

When Sara Sigmundsdottir announced that she would be competing out of Southern California for the 2017 season, we expected her to be near the top of the leaderboad. But after four weeks of the Open, Sigmundsdottir isn’t just near the top of the Southern California leaderboard…she is dominating it.

Sigmundsdottir has had the best score in the Southern California regional every Open workout so far. And for more most of the workouts, there’s a large gap between her and 2nd place.

 Sigmundsdottir 2nd Place
17.1  10:15 10:55 (Rebecca Delaney)
17.2   218 reps 214 reps (Chelsie Morter)
17.3   18:03  18:22 (Maddy Myers)
17.4  328 reps 309 reps (Rebecca Delaney)


After four workouts, Sigmundsdottir has 4 points. Rebecca Delaney in 2nd place has 26 points. Sigmundsdottir could take 117th in 17.5 and still be guaranteed a spot at Regionals.

We won’t have to wait to see Sigmundsdottir on 17.5 as she will be facing off against Katrin Davidsdottir during the Open Announcement in Madison, Wisconsin. Follow our live blog for the latest news and coverage from now through the Open Announcement.