South Regional – Day 1 Recap


With Ute CrossFit not competing this year, a new champion will be crowned in the team competition. Backcountry Black and CrossFit Jaakarhu are looking to qualify for the Games again this year and started out Event 1 like they are capable of doing so.

The second pair (male/male) athletes of Backcountry Black, Rockwell CrossFit and Hurricane CrossFit all finished within seconds of each other. But as the final pairs began working through the power cleans, Hurricane CrossFit struggled on the handstand push-ups and were still on the row/bike station. Backcountry CrossFit kicked it up on the final 30 power cleans and pulled away from Rockwell CrossFit.

Event 1 Results
1. Backcountry Black 17:06
2. Rockwell CrossFit 17:26
3. #TeamDensity 17:52
4. CrossFit Omnia 18:32
5. CrossFit Jaakarhu 18:42

Rockwell CrossFit said they felt like they had a chance to complete the snatch ladder. The 265-pounds caught up with one of the athletes, but with two athletes standing up the heaviest barbell, Rockwell CrossFit broke the tie with #TeamDensity and Pillar CrossFit to take first place in the event and first overall heading into the women’s snatch ladder. Both #TeamDensity, led by Marco Coppola, and Pillar CrossFit, led by Dusty Flores, had one male athlete complete the 265-pound snatch.

Event 2 Results
1. Rockwell CrossFit 9,260-pounds
T2. #TeamDensity 8,995-pounds
T2. Pillar CrossFit 8,995-pounds
4. Team Louisiana 8,770-pounds
T5. OPEX 8,730-pounds
T5. DEEP 8,730-pounds

Day 1 Results
1. #TeamDensity 280
2. Rockwell CrossFit 268
3. Backcountry Black 259
4. Pillar CrossFit 235
5. CrossFit Omnia 229
6. Get Lifted 228
7. CrossFit Jaakarhu 226
8. Team Louisiana 191


As expected Camille Leblanc-Bazinet took control of Event 1 and went on to win the Event by more and a minute. After getting no repped during the 2015 CrossFit Games Snatch Speed Ladder event, Bazinet looked like she was out for revenge as she smoothly snatched each barbell on her way to victory. In a post-workout interview, she stated that she practices strict muscle-ups but this would be the most she had done in a workout. She’s known for her kipping muscle-ups so it will be interesting to see how she does in Event 2.

Whitney Cappellucci and Tennil Reed have been on the outside looking in in years past. This year, both women look poised to change that. Cappellucci and Reed both finished the ladder in 8:03 and 8:13, respectively.

In fourth place, Cassidy Duffield finished in 8:37. Duffield was the 2014 69kg USAW National champion, but after an injury she has come back and is now competing at a high level in CrossFit.

Event 1 Results
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 6:51
2. Whitney Cappellucci 8:03
3. Tennil Reed 8:13
4. Cassidy Duffield 8:37
5. Michaela North 8:41

After a good start on Event 1, Alexis Johnson showed that she has the ability to compete side-by-side with the 2014 champion, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Johnson’s skill on the strict muscle-ups was better than Leblanc-Bazinet’s gaining ground each round. Camille offset her disadvantage on the rings by repping out the handstand push-ups at a lightning pace. Johnson held off Leblanc-Bazinet by 10 reps for the event victory vaulting her to 3rd overall after Day 1. Leblanc-Bazinet still holds the first place position going into Day 2.

Whitney Cappellucci secured another top 10 finish in Event 2 after a solid 2nd place finish on the snatch ladder. Cappellucci is sitting between Leblanc-Bazinet and Johnson heading into Event 3 tomorrow.

Not all athletes were able to maintain their ranking after Event 2. Tennil Reed, 3rd place after Event 1, dropped to 14th overall with a 34th place finish on Event 2. Cassidy Duffield also dropped with a poor performance on Regional Nate. Duffield was only able to complete one full round taking 45th place on the event.

Event 2 Results
1. Alexis Johnson CAP+30
T2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet CAP+40
T2. Alyssa Richey CAP+40
4. Brittany Chestnut CAP+44
5. Michelle Kinney CAP+46

Day 1 Results
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 195
2. Whitney Cappellucci 164
3. Alexis Johnson 163
4. Arielle Armstrong 142
5. Beth Spearman 138
6. Candice Wagner 138
7. Michaela North 137
8. Analisa Marquez 130


Jared Enderton is new to the sport of CrossFit. Enderton’s background is in strongman competitions and weightlifting. This past season, he transitioned to functional fitness and was a member of the NPGL’s Baltimore Anthem. He has been working on his engine and gymnastic skills over the past year and was able to qualify for the regionals.

So when a heavy snatch ladder was programmed, you know Enderton was excited. So what did he do? He systematically went through each snatch with each rep looking stronger than the one before it on his way to set a new event record with a blazing 6:53.14 seconds.

Enderton’s performance came in the first heat so he had a target on his time the next four heats. No one was able to get close until the final heat. Travis Williams started off with five unbroken snatches at 185-pounds before going to singles. He then followed that up with four unbroken at 205-pounds. Williams then had one rep remaining with time to beat Enderton, but was unable to make the lift. That opened the door for Roy Gamboa who quietly snuck up on Williams.

Gamboa hit his final snatch and raced to the mat in 6:53.57, a mere 43 hundredths of a second slower than Enderton. Williams composed himself after the missed attempt and completed the last rep for a time of 7:15 and third place.

Games veterans Elijah Muhammad took 9th and Jordan Cook finished in 15th.

Event 1 Results
1. Jared Enderton 6:53
2. Roy Gamboa 6:53
3. Travis Williams 7:15
4. Joseph Guesnier 7:20
5. Nik Hecht 7:42

Roy Gamboa almost squeaked out a victory over Jared Enderton on Event 1. On Event 2, took another 2nd place finish after doing L-sit strict muscle-ups as singles. The steady approach proved to work as Gamboa completed nine full rounds and one muscle-up into the 10th round.

Gamboa was unable to Logan Collins’ 1st place performance in the 4th heat. Collins completed 7 more reps than Gamboa. Jared Enderton, winner of Event 1, was unable to carry his momentum into the strict muscle-ups and handstand push-ups. Enderton took 28th in the event and dropped to 7th overall.

Travis Williams, Jordan Cook, Adrian Conway all have work to do as they are sitting outside the top 5 and have some ground to make up during tomorrow’s three scored events. In a good news story, Elijah Muhammad appears to have eliminated his weakness with handstand push-ups and took 12th place in Event 2, a significant improvement over the strict handstand push-up workouts the last two years.

Event 1 Results
1. Logan Collins CAP+15
2. Roy Gamboa CAP+22
3. Lance Castle CAP+41
4. Chantz Ramos CAP+44
T5. David Richman CAP+45
T5. Artur Machado CAP+45

Day 1 Results
1. Roy Gamboa 190
2. Joseph Guesnier 146
3. Stephano Tsaganis 144
4. Tommy Vinas 138
5. Logan Collins 137
6. Elijah Muhammad 132
7. Jared Enderton 131
8. Lance Castle 123
9. Travis Williams 119
10. Adrian Conway 116
15. Jordan Cook 106