South Regional – Day 2 Recap


When we left off yesterday, there were seven within three points of qualifying for the five spots. CrossFit Jaakarhu was in 7th place heading into Event 4. The women worked through the chipper with static holds and took first place moving them up ahead of Get Lifted and Pillar CrossFit. However, the men were unable to continue the momentum as they took 26th in Event 5 pushing them back outside the top 5. After another mediocre performance in Event 6, CrossFit Jaakarhu found themselves right back where they started the day, 7th place.

Marco Coppola and #TeamDensity had three solid performances on Saturday, good enough to maintain their slight hold on the top of the leaderboard. After slipping back on Event 4, Pillar CrossFit ended the day with a 1st and 2nd place finish catapulting the team into second place overall.

The day ended with the same top 5 teams as how it began. Get Lifted and CrossFit Jaakarhu were unable to break into the top 5 permanently and find themselves having to fight for their CrossFit Games’ lives tomorrow.

Event 4 Results
1. CrossFit Jaakarhu 13:48
2. CrossFit Omnia 14:12
3. #TeamDensity 14:42
4. EaDo Elite Blue 14:48
5. Team Moema 15:04

Event 5 Results
1. Pillar CrossFit CAP+19
2. Max Effort Avengers CAP+25
3. CrossFit Argyle CAP+37
4. CrossFit Omnia CAP+43
5. Team Louisiana CAP+47

Event 6 Results
1. Lonestar CrossFit 14:40
2. Pillar CrossFit 14:46
3. Team Louisiana 15:00
4. RSCF 15:04
5. Hurricane CrossFit 15:31

Day 2 Results
1. #TeamDensity 508
2. Pillar CrossFit 493
3. Rockwell CrossFit 489
4. CrossFit Omnia 464
5. Backcountry Black 438
6. Get Lifted 431
7. CrossFit Jaakarhu 418
8. Team Louisiana 408


Events 3 and 4 tested the individual athletes’ ability to quickly recover and attack another workout after only a one-minute break. As the top women began the 104 wall balls, Tennil Reed and Whitney Cappellucci’s height proved to be an advantage with the 10-foot target. Both Reed and Cappellucci blew through the wall balls. Some of the shorter athletes gained some ground on Cappellucci, but Reed was able to hold the other competitors off to take 1st place in the event.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is one of the stronger athletes when it comes to pull-ups, but she appeared to struggle at times on the wall balls. Leblanc-Bazinet came off the wall balls at a significant disadvantage, but was able to salvage a decent score by finishing the pull-ups just under the time cap, good for 8th place.

After a one minute break, the same heat went straight into a pistol and power clean couplet. The 104 wall balls took its toll on most athletes as you could see the pistols slowing the athletes down as they moved through the four rounds of 28 pistols. Tiffany Hendrickson looked strong in the fourth heat setting the time of 14:24.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet attacked the Event 4 couplet and beat Hendrickson’s time by 9 seconds in an effort to hold her lead on top of the leaderboard. Alexis Johnson finished the events with two 7th place finishes, moving her up to second place ahead of Whitney Cappellucci.

On Event 5, Michelle Kinney set the early mark to beat in Heat 4 with a time of 12:59, but Candice Wagner squeaked in ahead of Kinney’s time by 5 seconds to take the event win.

Beth Spearman was in 5th place heading into Saturday, but after three finishes outside the top 10, Spearmand dropped down to 12th overall. We expected to see some new faces competing for the qualifying spots in the South regional. Will we see Mandi Janowitz, a CrossFit Games veteran, break into the top 5 tomorrow? She has some ground to make up, but is definitely within striking distance.

Event 3 Results
1. Tennil Reed 5:18
2. Michaela North 5:34
3. Mandi Janowitz 5:36
4. Brittany Chestnut 5:36
5. Whitney Cappellucci 5:40

Event 4 Results
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 14:15
2. Tiffany Hendrickson 14:24
3. Carla Frazier 14:28
4. Leah Greenfield 14:36
5. Candice Wagner 15:05

Event 5 Results
1. Candice Wagner 12:54
2. Michelle Kinney 12:59
3. Tennil Reed 13:15
4. Whitney Cappellucci 13:39
5. Kristin Tucker 13:48

Day 2 Results
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 429
2. Alexis Johnson 376
3. Candice Wagner 373
4. Whitney Cappellucci 372
5. Michaela North 370
6. Tennil Reed 350
7. Mandi Janowitz 344
8. Brittany Chestnut 311


Day 1 on the men’s side did not look like what most expected entering Friday morning. Roy Gamboa held onto the top spot, but surrounding him were athletes who had never been to the CrossFit Games. The veterans (Travis Williams, Elijah Muhammad, Adrian Conway and Jordan Cook) were all looking in at the new guys.

With three events on tap, there was an opportunity to make a move and get back into the top 5. Event 3 was expected to be a smaller athlete’s workout, but big man Travis Williams plowed through the wall balls unbroken and held on during the pull-ups ahead of Elijah Muhammad to win the first event of the day.

With only a minute to rest, the athletes then attacked four rounds of pistols and power cleans. Williams capitalized again by crushing the power cleans each round and taking 2nd place in the event. The two back-to-back performances vaulted Williams back into 2nd place overall.

Jordan Cook started the day in 15th place so finishing in 3rd and 4th in events 3 and 4 was a necessity. However, his 10th place finish on Event 5 was not good enough to get him into a qualifying spot heading into Sunday. Cook, along with Elijah Muhammad need two strong performances on Sunday to get back to the Carson this year.

As some of the guys around him faltered, Roy Gamboa did enough to hold onto first place, but Travis Williams has closed the gap and is only 30 points behind Gamboa. Both look to advance to the Games again, but it might also be a fight for the top of the podium.

Event 3 Results
1. Travis Williams 4:08
2. Elijah Muhammad 4:18
3. Jordan Cook 4:26
4. Adrian Conway 4:27
5. Richard Bohlken 4:28

Event 4
1. Sean Sweeney 14:58
2. Travis Williams 15:02
3. Josh Littauer 15:16
4. Jordan Cook 15:16
5. Logan Collins 15:17

Event 5
1. Adrian Conway 11:51
2. Roy Gamboa 12:46
3. Matt Morton 12:494
4. Sean Sweeney 12:57
5. Tommy Vinas 12:57

Day 2 Results
1. Roy Gamboa 419
2. Travis Williams 389
3. Adrian Conway 364
4. Sean Sweeney 364
5. Logan Collins 359
6. Joseph Guesnier 349
7. Jordan Cook 348
8. Elijah Muhammad 323