South Regional Recap


Day 3 of the team competition began with five teams fighting for two qualifying spots. CrossFit Jaakarhu bowed out on Event 7 after the handstand walks proved to be a sticking point for the MMF trio. Jaakarhu took 38th and were essentially out of the competition. Get Lifted also fell back with an 18th place finish, but were still mathematically able to qualify. However, the 8th event proved to not be enough as they finished 11th and were too far back to make a push on the final event.

The weekend ended with the same five teams that started the day in the top 5.

Event 7 Results
2. Hurricane CrossFit 6:59
3. Backcountry Black 7:11
4. #TeamDensity 7:12
5. EaDo Elite Blue 7:23

Event 8 Results
1. EaDo Elite Blue 12:46
2. Rockwell CrossFit 12:53
3. CrossFit Jaakarhu 12:55
4. #TeamDensity 13:05
5. CrossFit Omnia 13:13

Event 9 Results
2. CrossFit Omnia 24:12
3. EaDo Elite Blue 24:49
4. Backcountry Black 24:49
5. #TeamDensity

Regional Results
1. #TeamDensity 758
2. Rockwell CrossFit 732
3. CrossFit Omnia 698
4. Pillar CrossFit 692
5. Backcountry Black 686
6. EaDo Elite Blue 620


Camille Leblanc-Bazinet entered the final two events safe. After that, however, everyone was still fighting for a qualifying spot. Alexis Johnson, 2nd place after Day 2, was only 26 points ahead of Tennil Reed in 6th place.

With heavy overhead squats programmed into a chipper, smaller athletes like Alexis Johnson and Candice Wagner were looking to avoid disaster while Tennil Reed and Mandi Janowitz were looking to capitalize. As expected, Johnson and Wagner struggled on the set of 10 overhead squats, while Reed and Janowitz were able to get through them. Johnson and Wagner were able to compete their reps and pushed on the burpees to make up some ground. Both finished the chipper well behind the leaders finishing in 20th (Johnson) and 22nd (Wagner) setting the stage for a very important final event.

Heading into the last event, Johnson was in 4th place, but only held a 10 point advantage over Reed in 7th place. Janowitz was sitting in 5th place, just one point ahead of Wagner. And in 2nd and 3rd, Whitney Cappellucci and Michaela North both had 441 points and were only 25 points in front of Wagner.

With six athletes fighting for four spots, all of them began repping out 21 thrusters at break neck speed. The first round left little separation, but the two legless rope climbs in round 2 created issues for Michaela North and Janowitz. Cappellucci, Reed, Johnson and Wagner all looked in control and pushed to third round of nine thrusters.

Cappellucci took 1st place followed by Brittany Chestnut. Reed and Johnson raced to the finish line within seconds of each other for 3rd and 4th, respectively. Thirteen seconds later Wagner sprinted to the finish line to take 5th place. At the same time of all this, Janowitz and North failed the last rope climb. Janowitz appeared to tear her hand making it difficult to grip the rope.

Janowitz was able to complete the rope climb but failed to reach the finish mat under the time cap while North was unable to complete the final rope climb. Following the heat, North appealed her judge’s no-rep call on the final attempt. The judge called a no-rep for using her legs to secure herself to the rope prior to completing the final rep. The appeal was granted and her score was adjusted enough to narrowly hold on to the 5th place qualifying spot.

North was awarded the 5th place qualifying position during the awards presentation, but following the presentation CrossFit ruled that North was not allowed to appeal a judge’s ruling per the CrossFit Games Rulebook, “Judgment calls made during an event are final and are not negotiable or subject to change, modification or appeal.”

Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games commented on the situation, “Athletes know that judgment calls are part of the game. It’s in the Rulebook and repeated on-site during their briefings. In this case, our on-site team incorrectly handled the appeal process and made an error in adjusting the leaderboard. This is an unfortunate way to end a great competition, but it is unquestionably the right call at the end of the day.”

North’s scored was adjusted and she was credited for 25th place, moving her to 6th place overall. Wagner was the beneficiary of the ruling as she moved up to 5th place.

Event 6 Results
1. Arielle Armstrong 11:47
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 11:57
3. Tiffany Hendrickson 12:06
4. Beth Spearman 12:44
5. Tylinn Rashan 13:04

Event 7 Results
1. Whitney Cappellucci 3:27
2. Brittany Chestnut 3:29
3. Tennil Reed 3:38
4. Alexis Johnson 3:39
5. Candice Wagner 3:51

Regional Results
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 581
2. Whitney Cappellucci 541
3. Alexis Johnson 508
4. Tennil Reed 503
5. Candice Wagner 496
6. Michaela North 478
7. Brittany Chestnut 465
8. Mandi Janowitz 460


With two events remaining, Jordan Cook and Elijah Muhammad had a lot of work to do to get back to Carson. Sitting in 7th and 8th place, Cook and Muhammad needed someone, likely Sean Sweeney or Logan Collins to falter. The heavy overhead squats and legless rope climbs looked like the perfect workouts for Muhammad, but would it be enough to catch either of those two athletes sitting in 4th and 5th.

As the athletes chipped away at the burpee box jump overs, Muhammad and Joseph Guesnier went rep for rep along with Travis Williams. Williams attempted to snatch the first rep, but failed leaving it down to Muhammad and Guesnier to take the event victory. Guesnier power snatched the weight overhead first, but Muhammad snatched the weight but was one rep behind Guesnier. Guesnier finished the last rep and jumped over the bar beating Muhammad by 0.6 seconds. Cook finished the event in 12th place making it very difficult to qualify this year.

As the final heat was getting ready to hit the floor, Jared Enderton proposed to his longtime girlfriend on the competition floor…and she said yes!

Heading into the final event, Adrian Conway held a three point advantage over Logan Collins in 6th place and a 19-point advantage over Muhammad. Collins and Muhammad attacked the thrusters and rope climbs with reckless abandon. Collins completed his last rope climb and raced to the finish line to take the event victory and bounce Adrian Conway out of the final qualifying position. Muhammad finished in 2nd place and had to hope that either Sean Sweeney or Guesnier would struggle on the final rope climb. Neither did and the finished in 5th and 10th, respectively.

The final scores went up and Guesnier held on to the final qualifying spot by 3 points over Muhammad. Going back to Event 6, the 0.6 second victory over Muhammad sealed the win for Guesnier. Roy Gamboa secured his second consecutive regional victory.

Event 6 Results
1. Joseph Guesnier 10:45.1
2. Elijah Muhammad 10:45.7
3. Travis Williams 10:48
4. Sean Sweeney 10:57
5. Taylor Domengeaux 11:03

Event 7
1. Logan Collins 2:35
2. Elijah Muhammad 2:44
3. Roy Gamboa 2:45
4. Artur Machado 2:45
5. Sean Sweeney 2:46

Regional Results
1. Roy Gamboa 578
2. Travis Williams 536
3. Logan Collins 534
4. Sean Sweeney 529
5. Joseph Guesnier 516
6. Elijah Muhammad 513
7. Adrian Conway 508
8. Jordan Cook 476