Tasia Percevecz Fails to Qualify for Regionals

Tasia Percevecz selfie via Instagram
via Instagram (@tasiapercevecz)

After 17.4 Tasia Percevecz was in 4th place in the North East region with 33 points and in a very good place to qualify for regionals with a good 17.5 score. Unfortunately for Percevecz, she fell sick with bronchitis in the days leading up to the 17.5 Open release.

Percevecz spent the weekend trying to recover or attempting 17.5. But by Monday, she had not been able to complete the thruster / double-under workout and had to post a score of 1 when the submission deadline called. That one rep took her from 4th in the North East to 851st thereby eliminating her from contention.

By posting a score of 1 rep it leaves the door open for Percevecz to compete on her CrossFit affiliate team, CrossFit Free, which finished in 7th place in the North East region.

Percevecz took to social media to let her fans know what happened and to thank those who have supported her throughout her CrossFit career thus far. We hope Tasia feels better soon and can’t wait to see her on the competition floor once again.

I’ve kind of always thought of myself as unstoppable. When I started feeling sick last week I only had a slight twinge of fear. I knew I could push through anything. When I continued to get worse instead of better, I visited the doctor to find out I had bronchitis. I spent the entire weekend either in bed or attempting 17.5. In every attempt my body failed me. I’ve never felt so powerless. This year I felt fitter than ever before. My heart broke on Monday when I had no score to enter. Many, many tears were shed. (If you know me.. that’s A LOT lol). But there is no pity party here. The crossfit games has never been the ultimate goal. Spreading love and joy to people has always been my destiny. And this won’t dull my shine 😊 God has a plan for me. That I know for sure! And sometimes, His plan is simply different than our own. A HUGE thank you to @petersen.brandon for being there for me every second of everyday. For sitting with me every time I cried. Your support means the world to me. Thank you to @justin_crossfitfree for covering so many of my classes so that I could rest. Thank you to @mikemolloy3245 @e_percevecz @allison_happyhealings @lynn_crossfitfree for being there for me all weekend. Helping do anything they could to make me better! And thank you to my CFF family, my sponsors @redlinegr @blonyx @rxsmartgear @sfh and my supporters around the world. All of your kind words and prayers have meant more to me than you’ll ever know. ONWARD AND UPWARD!! 🦄😊💥🏋🏻‍♀️ #bestisyettocome #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitfree #chasingdreams

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