CrossFit 808 has been a staple at the CrossFit Games since 2013. During those four years, the Hawaiian team had two top 10 finishes with their best finish in 4th at the 2015 CrossFit Games. The team was known for its dominating women, Elyse Umeda-Korth, Brandy Richardson and Kyla Evers.

Team CrossFit 808 will have a much different look in 2017. All three of last year’s women will not be competing on the team this year. Umeda-Korth is pregnant and is expecting a baby in June with fellow 808 teammate John Korth. Brandy Richardson is also taking a year off as her wife is also expecting a baby this year.

Happy Hump Day from my wife’s HUMP 🤰🏽 #BranPatricia

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Replacing the women this year are Teresa Luz, Briana Lamb and Sage (Burgener) Mertz. You might recognize the last athlete, Sage is Coach B’s daughter! Mertz is one of the coaches at CrossFit 808.

Through 17.2, Team CrossFit 808 is in 8th place in the Northern California region. And while they may not have the firepower without Umeda-Korth and Richardson, Lamb is currently 10th individually in the region.

Stay tuned to see if CrossFit 808 is able to make it back to the Games for a fifth consecutive year or if they will have to wait until Umeda-Korth and Richardson return in 2018.