Team Reebok United in 1st Place after Week 1 of CrossFit Team Series

Team Reebok United sits in 1st place after Week 1 of CrossFit Team Series
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Can anyone beat Team Reebok United?


The team of Ben Smith, Emily Bridger, Stacie Tovar and Scott Panchik (or Paul Tremblay in 2015) has won the CrossFit Team Series since the beginning, both in 2014 and 2015. And after Week 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series, they look like the team to beat once again.

After accumulating only 14 points for all four events, Team Reebok United leads Rogue Red in 2nd place by 9 points. Ben Smith and team finished no workout worse than 5th place (Event 1). No other team was able to place inside the top 10 for all four events.

Rich Froning’s Rogue Fitness Team Black is in 4th place with 27 points and is two points behind 3rd place, Team Kill Cliff featuring Brooke Wells and the Anderson brothers (Jacob and Alex). The FitAID Misfits round out the top 5.

The top 10 features only one non-Pro team, Jersey Shore’s Finest (Anthony Vasquez, Correy Lunney, Claudia Vasquez & Emmy Simpkins), who sits in 9th place. Also, only three teams in the top 10 are not sponsored teams. The Bell Province, Cool Whip and a Chocolate Chip and Jersey Shore’s Finest.

Here are the top 12 teams after Week 1:
1. Teem Reebok United (14) – Watch Week 1 Videos
2. Rogue Red (23) – Watch Week 1 Videos
3. Team Kill Cliff (25) – Watch Week 1 Videos
4. Rogue Fitness Team Black (27) – Watch Week 1 Videos
5. FitAID Misfits (30) – Watch Week 1 Videos
6. Team Rogue Unicorns (35)
7. The Bell Province (37)
8. Cool Whip and a Chocolate Chip (45) – Watch Week 1 Videos
9. Jersey Shore’s Finest (54)
10. Team RXSG (56)

11. Team Reebok CrossFit One (61)
12. Team Wags & Weights (80)