Teens and Masters Athletes Qualify for the CrossFit Games

George Sterner during the Squat Clean event at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games
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Last night the deadline to submit scores for the Online Qualifier passed. And with it, we now have a clearer picture of which Teens and Masters athletes will be competing in Madison, Wisconsin, at the 2017 CrossFit Games.

For the first year, the Teen divisions joined the Masters athletes in the four-workout Qualifier stage. The top 20 athletes this year in each age division, Teens and Masters, qualified for the CrossFit Games. In previous years only the top 10 teens in each age division qualified straight from the Open.

While the results are not official until CrossFit does video review (kind of important these days), there are a lot of well-known names in a qualifying spot right now. Let’s take a look at some of the notable names.

Teenage Girls (16-17)
1. Haley Adams
2. Kaela Stephano

Teenage Boys (16-17)
1. Angelo DiCicco
5. Vincent Ramirez

Masters Women (35-39)
1. Sam Briggs
3. Kirsten Pedri
4. Helena Falk
8. Val Voboril
9. Amy Dracup
16. Denae Brown
17. Rebecca Voigt
18. Candace Hester

Masters Men (35-39)
1. Neal Maddox
4. Kyle Kasperbauer
5. Nuno Costa
7. Guido Trinidad
13. Chris Spealler
16. Armand McCormick

Masters Women (40-44)
1. Helen Harding
2. Annie Sakamoto
9. Michelle Crawford

Masters Men (40-44)
2. Shawn Ramirez
7. Jeff Prejean

Masters Women (45-49)
1. Cheryl Brost
12. Becky Conzelman

Masters Men (45-49)
1. Bill Grundler
5. Ron Mathews
6. James Grundler
16. Brent Maier

Masters Women (50-54)
1. Shellie Edington

Masters Men (50-54)
10. Ron Ortiz

Masters Women (55-59)
1. Mary Beth Prodromides
3. Bianca Williams

Masters Men (55-59)
7. Will Powell

Masters Women (60+)
2. Lidia Beer
4. Shaun Havard

Masters Men (60+)
1. David Hippensteel