The Dream Team Wins CrossFit Team Series Teenager Division

For the first time in 2015, the CrossFit Games included two teenage divisions, 14-15 and 16-17. During those seven events in July, we witnessed the future of CrossFit as kids in high school displayed very impressive feats of functional fitness (i.e. Nick Paladino’s 246 pound thruster). So when the CrossFit Team Series rolled around this fall, some of the best teenagers joined forces and created The Dream Team.

Angelo Dicicco (1st in the 14-15 yr old division), Nicholas Paladino (1st in the 16-17 yr old division), Ashleigh Wosny (2nd in the 16-17 yr old division) and Allison Weiss (3rd in the 16-17 yr old division) teamed up and dominated the Teenage division. With a total of 8 points, the finished 1st (yes, 1st) in every single event. In the five timed events, they beat the 2nd place team by more than a minute four times. They were never in jeopardy of falling to 2nd place in any of the events and ran away with the division.

RX Pics provided the gallery of The Dream Team during Week 1 of the CrossFit Team Series. You can find more of his work on Instagram (@rxpics) and on SmugMug.