Tyson and Miranda Oldroyd Announce Split

For those who missed it, Tyson Oldroyd (IG: @tysonold) announced that he and Miranda are officially separated. Following weeks of Instagram posts of Miranda and Julian Alcaraz together and rumors of the split, Tyson cleared up matters on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Although we hate the idea of making our private matters public, @mirandaoldroyd and I decided it was time we better clear a few things up. Being honest, this was mainly because people were coming to their own wildly inaccurate conclusions about what might have happened with us. This wasn’t cool at all, people were being straight up awful toward Miranda and I wasn’t ok with it. Put simply, life has just taken us in different directions. Period. Nothing “happened”, we just realized this one day, and after a very lengthy period of time to process our reality we made our decision. Like we’ve always done, we’ll continue to do our best to be good people. Mir, here’s to where life takes us next! #takecareofmydogs #butseriouslytheyneedtheirhaircutsoonlikeforreal #thisphotowastakentoday

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While it is hard to tell when the split occurred, a photo of Miranda and Julian was posted on Miranda’s Instagram account right before last Halloween.

TGIF // @009julian @cleverhandz @cftrainingyard #love #anguish #flustered

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And back on January 22, Dana Lynn Bailey’s video shows Miranda and Julian together and briefly mentions the location of their first date.