Sara Armanius did the unthinkable. She beat Sam Briggs by one second on a workout that is totally in Briggs’ wheelhouse. Armanius is likely a new name to most CrossFit Games fans, but she has been competitive since 2014.

IN 2015 and 2016, Armanius has put up a score in the Open that would have qualified her to compete as an individual at Regionals. In 2015, she elected to go team and finished 13th in the Meridian Regional with Fit4Life. Last year, Armanius did go individual and finished 16th in a very competitive women’s Meridian regional.

At the 2016 Regionals, Armanius excelled on Day 2 on the engine-based workouts, but struggled on the snatch ladder, Regional Nate and on Sunday. Keep an eye out for Armanius this year as she looks to improve upon last year’s performance.

Check out Armanius’ video of 17.1 above.